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Brand Authority

Most Internet users would probably agree personal desire drives choices and decisions when researching the Web. Do users actually sway toward what they want or do they want to be "gamey" and go with whatever is placed in front of them by online search results or top-rank advertisement-based paid placement? By whatever we mean take a chance on a website's "scheme" and branding? Or would the user want what makes total verbal sense to them? We believe the Internet user is looking for exactly what makes sense to them and the rest is left in the dust.

Can you imagine if Internet Search Engines did not allow for a description of your company with your web address in their search returns? Nor did they allow top ad space to be purchased in search returns? What would the value of domain names be then? Unreachable and or unattainable? When you own and utilize an exact phrase Domain or a one or two-word Premium Keyword Domain you are the Authority.

Users are always drawn to this.

Who knows this?

Look over the list of major Corporations that own very expensive one and two-word Domain Names.

Why would they invest hundreds of millions of dollars into items these companies are ALREADY INTERNATIONAL BRANDS OF?  

Because they are the Smartest of the Smart. 

And that is exactly why we started We Get Solar.

We are the Smarter Looking for the Smartest!

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