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Free Energy Does it Exist?

"It does not nor never will". How you say? After all, there is proof that it is in fact possible. First, it's mechanical in nature. This machine has moving parts that cost money correct? Assembly and "know-how" takes time from an individual that surely would not hand over his time to "rake leaves free". 

So in fact we know "Free Energy" will never be possible in the history of man.

Or is that the correct way to actually look at this conditional situation?

If you are truly business-minded you see that it is covering initial costs beyond its "repayment output". In other words, the "free" only comes after the total business cost. 

So in this case, if the machine produces 1.3 kilowatts per day and the power company chargesc$11.65 per 1.3 kilowatts then you have a "baseline" repayment system. ( the machine makes $11.65 back per day). The cost of the machine materials and the build or "total turn-on cost" is $3466.

From here it is simple:

How long does it take to get your return on investment and move into "free power"?

1.3 Kilowatts = $11.65  11.65 x 297 (days ) = $3465 or 297 days it worked efficiently and without problems. Assuming it could perform the same way for an additional 19 years would be highly ideal in a business venture. 

So in fact it only becomes "free energy" past the use of the machine for 297 days.

In truth, Solar Panels work this way also. It takes many years to get to "free home solar".

So to get back to the initial payment;

Does the cost of the "free power" machine warrant its purchase? What is known is that if the machine is built to give the same or better power output for a span of 20 years then we can look at a 20-year power to-payment ratio that states basically you will pay for this purchase out of pocket for 5/6th of the first year and the next 19 years are totally FREE!

Would you say waiting until the end of a 10-month time frame is worth the benefit of 19 years of free power? We would say ya, obviously!

Do realize the same mathematics can be applied to the purchase of a domain name?

In truth, your company's output can be "doubled" in the case of a Premium Keyword Domain alongside your existing domain name website. You see not only are you receiving natural type-in traffic you have never had before you now have the option to build a second website.

1.) Your storefront offerings now have 2 streams of revenue.

2.) You are amassing free traffic that will help accelerate the rank of your second site.

3.)Your second site; one based on the information and product performance can be absolutely pivotal in directing Internet Traffic to your main purchase site.

While utilizing a two-website system you are positioning both sides to not only rank better but the second site can dramatically increase the chances you will receive a purchase if the clientele has been exposed to your company twice.

Also, a second site can be seen as a "backup" to the chance you may not be seen on your current website. An "outfielder in baseball" to speak

When the competition of business is important to you the point you want to be the best you take steps to gather all the options you have. A World Class Super Premium Keyword Solar Domain Name is life-changing. 

"You sir are now the world's online BOSS" 

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