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End User Reported Sales In 2022 $2551 August 29th $3388. August 18th $3388. August 10th $4587  August 2nd $4650  July 26th $2025 July 22nd $3999 June 24th $3005 June 22nd $4588  May 29th $3159  May 11th $3595. May 6th $19888  April 27th $5100. April 4th  $5503. March 24th $2188. March 3rd $3550. March 3rd $4950  Feb.1st  $49,999  Jan. 22nd $4488  Jan. 16th

*These reported sales can be found at These sales come from various aftermarket domain platforms such as,, as well as other registrars. We have not affiliated in any way with these entities. Many public sales go unreported or have an NDA attached to keep from the business community knowing the amount domain was purchased for.

2022 Reported Sales: Text
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