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Inbound Internet traffic to your business

The Ultimate "business lead"

As many well know the power of online prowess comes from your search engine ranking and the web visitors your site garners daily. It is generally understood that if you are not at the top of organic search engine page results your ability to be seen severely drops with every entry above your own.

Can you actually beat the algorithm that governs the search engines we all so heavily rely on? In one word; YES! Yes, you can! 

You simply need another way to be found outside of relying on your browser for their "recommendations."

Let us explain. When we set out to procure the finest solar domains available, we looked for one major aspect; were the domains the best keywords for specific solar products and services, and did they attract a natural type in Internet traffic without a website?  In other words, did potential buyers navigate to the domain name expecting a website? If the domains did it meant Internet users were there in search of information or the chance to make a purchase.  

 These are absolute shoppers looking to buy! Are you there to appease them?


 In ALL instances of a direct navigation domain name you will find the most interest versus any other way you can be found. Period.


If someone searched the term "transparent solar" into their search browser, they are solely relying on the return results the search engine they rely on serves them. Are results always cutting edge, informative and or purchasable?

Absolutely not!

Algorithms can fall very short compared to the desired search criteria.

What is your company’s specialty? Solar Lead Generation? Solar Farming? How about Solar Monitoring or Solar Water Distillation or even Solar LED Lighting? In truth there are many, many different aspects to the Solar power space, and getting your "piece of the pie” is paramount to owning that sector of the Solar Industry you desire. Competition is there and growing daily. Are you positioned to come out on top?

With our Domain selection making you the new number #1 on the net it can be ultra-fulfilling! Whether through an increase in audience reach, eyes on your site, or click-through purchases you will feel the difference! Proof positive just how well it works these 4 different options allow a tailored plan for the best use of your new Premium Solar Domain Name.

As a Brand: 

 When choosing the domain name of your company do you go with "what you do" or a name no one is familiar with yet you believe stands you apart? Most business owners dream of having their name in lights.  A name that is supposed to reflect the "who and what" of their "offerings". We often see half words, made-up words, or "hybrid words". Generally, phrases or made-up words have ZERO value to the buying customer. You are now just one of many that have tried to shoehorn quasi-words to look "attractive" or "forward". Do you realize that 15 minutes after they have navigated away from your site they have EASILY FORGOTTEN your "made up" Domain name? or or or can be downright ridiculous but hey it was only $9.26 to hand register! That's a STEAL TO BE FORGOTTEN HUH?

We always tell potential domain buyers if you must use a word combination that has value only in the company owner's head then have the backup of a PREMIUM Keyword domain name! You are "spinning the roulette wheel" of chance hoping means something to ANYBODY! If there was not an option to bookmark websites how many would be INSTANTLY FORGOTTEN?

Refer to our Corporate Domain page to see what the world's largest companies do for "brand protection". They protect their brand by NOT RELYING SOLELY ON THEIR BRAND! Sure they may use a somewhat brandable term but they ALSO captured the best possible PREMIUM domain they could own in business for hundreds of thousands of dollars to MILLIONS FOR SINGLE DOMAIN NAMES!


Because when you see the domain name 

there is instant "Recognition of Authority" and the understanding this company chose to be the best by purchasing the best. Anyone breathing should agree the best is still "The Best" 

As a Rebrand:

The decision to completely change the domain name of your current online business is a big challenge. Is it the right choice to make? Let's look at the positive change to business an upgraded name could mean.

First,  if the domain name is an Ultra Premium Keyword Domain it will be garnered as such. It may lose some "brandability" but the increase in "understanding" and "authority" will immediately be known. You can use your business name within the text for communication purposes or for "branding". The Internet user sees you mean business by having the exact product or service that the vast majority of Internet users expect to see with such a domain name. When an Internet user sees the exact wording that is most universal to all users they will look!

We don't believe anyone will stroll past in search results when they expressly searched in their browser "flexible solar".  The concept of relying on an Ultra Premium Keyword Domain should be the easiest concept for any business owner to grasp. You are the world's online Authority now because the words used initiate attraction like no other words, phrases, or "branded" domain names could. 

*It is the difference between and*

One of these Domain Names covers "all aspects" and "all categories" associated with its term. The other is a one-trick pony. Any questions?

Here is a handful of large corporations out of hundreds that have changed their Corporate Website Names for a more specific "user friendly" World Class Ultra Premium Domain Name:

Forwarded Traffic:

In this instance, we assume the interested business owner already well understands the value of direct navigation traffic. He understands that this traffic "forwarded" to his standing original site is literally a second income stream and an excellent chance at exposure to his offerings. At this point, he has his website positioned to be found through search engine results as well as having Internet users going straight to his site via a Premium Keyword Domain name that retains new traffic year after year. 

As an added feature the forwarded traffic increases your ranking position in search results because of the time spent by the Internet user researching various pages on your site. The more movement to buttons, links, and videos on a website shows the bot that scans the site the information is in fact very viable and germain. If you go to a Solar website and it's nothing but recipes that includes bananas chances are you will navigate away quickly just as most after seeing the website clearly is NOT about solar. Bots will know this and will penalize the "bananas" aspect by "de-ranking" your potential position in the Solar results given. This is because the information is NOT about solar. When the bots find that Internet users ARE staying for minutes at a time looking over your Solar site it allows for the potential of a higher search engine rank. This is key! When you have a Keyword Solar Domain that sends you direct Internet users you are in a position they find you in ONE attempt! Even Google can't guarantee that! 

Stand Alone Info Site:

We believe of the 4 options possible with your new Premium Solar Domain this is in fact the best if you already own a website you have branded.

This is clearly two completely different storefronts both of which are live and being ranked by search engines. Your new site must not use the same contact information nor the same wording or paragraph explanations. It does need to be informative and create more of an atmosphere of explaining a direct product or how it works. A simple Email address and phone number and you can be ranked without penalty to either site. And yes it is that simple. For a great example, we use a past client  They purchased this Category Killing Keyword Specific Keyword Domain  from us and their marketing power doubled. They have been enjoying the benefits for close to 2 years now. Simply check out both of their websites to see for yourself 

The simple fact is the world sees dotcom as the Internet leader and will for many years to come. Yes, countries around the world heavily rely on their own country code domain extensions but for the Internet as a whole Dotcom is the most chosen "business extension" and will continue to dominate successfully

Inbound Traffic: Welcome
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